BabyEase Diaper Rash Ointment

Product description

Get Baby Ease today and help prevent those unwanted diaper rashes.

No longer will your baby deal with the uncomfortable burn and itch that diapers leave behind. Baby Ease’s unique ingredients help adjust pH levels of skin that may have been altered from the acid nature of feces and urine. With aloe and other anti-inflammatory substances Baby Ease’s ingredients not only prevent and treat diaper rashes but also make your baby feel as comfortable as possible through the healing process.

Skin Protectant – Provides a barrier on the skin to help protect it from further chafing

Antiseptic – Stops bacterial infections from causing or worsening diaper rash

Anti-fungal – Stops fungus from causing or worsening diaper rash

Anti-inflammatory – Decreases blistering, swelling, and redness

pH Adjustment – Protects the skin from the acidic environment caused by feces and urine which helps to relieve pain.