Help your baby’s bottom become as smooth as it should be with Baby Ease.


Relieve your baby from unwanted diaper rash today!

This diaper rash relieving ointment was developed by Dinno Pharmaceuticals to prevent and heal mild to severe cases of diaper rash.


Made and Recommended by Pharmacists

Baby Ease’s soothing formula was created by AAP pharmacist, Dr. Charlie Brown.

Mom’s Love It

Mom’s who have used the product say that this ointment has completely cleared their baby’s diaper rash from the most severe of rashes within half an hour.

No Hidden Ingredients

This non-irritating formula includes Aloe (antiseptic, moisturizer, and healer) and Tea Tree Oil (protective antiseptic and antifungal). It also includes Magnesium Hydroxide to relieve discomfort and zinc oxide to soothe and protect the skin.

More than Just a Cover Up

Most diaper rash ointments are only used for cleaning a rashy area and don’t cure the infection. Baby Ease is both antiseptic and an antifungal so it is better to treat multiple infections.

Clinically Proven To Help Prevent Diaper Rash.

Baby Ease’s clinically proven diaper rash prevention formula will help protect your baby’s bum from any itch or burn. The patented formula doesn’t hide a single ingredient, so you know exactly what you are putting on your baby.

Patented Formula To Protect Your Babies Bum

Baby Ease’s patented formula includes ingredients that have skin protectant, antiseptic, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and pH adjustments to relieve your baby's diaper rash.

Skin Protectant - Provides a barrier on the skin to help protect if from further chafing 

Anti-inflammatory - Decreases blistering, swelling, and redness

pH adjustment - Protects the skin from the acidic environment caused by feces and urine which helps to relieve pain 

Clinically Proven

Baby Ease is clinically proven to prevent and ease mild to severe cases of diaper rash more quickly and easily than the leading over the counter diaper ointment.