Diaper Rash Treatment for Babies

Dinno Pharmaceuticals is a leader in helping meet suburban Boston’s pharmaceutical and wellness needs.

Dinno Pharmaceuticals pharmacies are the home of Baby Ease®, the diaper rash cream developed by Dinno Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Created by pharmacists and recommended by physicians, Baby Ease® aims to prevent and heal mild and severe cases of diaper rash. Patients have been extremely satisfied with the results and the rapid healing action of Baby Ease®. More and more pediatricians are recommending it to their patients for quick and effective relief of diaper rash.

Among other ingredients, Baby Ease® contains aloe (cleanser, antiseptic, moisturizer, and anti-inflammatory), karaya gum (acts as a protective barrier), magnesium hydroxide (adjusts skin pH), tea tree oil (antiseptic), and zinc oxide (used for its absorbing nature and barrier to protect skin).

Baby Ease® is known to treat various forms of diaper rash; it will prevent new rashes from occurring, and soothe itchy or irritated skin. It can also be used as a preventive ointment.

We all love our babies and we want them to feel good and be happy all day long. That is why so many people are turning to Baby Ease® and many doctors are recommending it!

Baby Ease® is available at www.babyease.us and ships for free! Customers can save over 25% off the regular price by ordering a 5-pack of Baby Ease®.

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